Blending a range of techniques with active oils and herbs, we relieve and delight with expert massages.

Khoi Khoi Back Escape 30/45min, R300/R450

Escape with a deeply relaxing back and neck massage. Enhance your experience with the Kalahari message stones as they deliver a deep pressure massage to leave you feeling renewed and uplifted.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage 60/90 minutes, R600/R800

Result driven deep massage using various techniques to reduce chronic muscle tightness and stiff joints. Connective tissue is stretched and massaged intensely to improve posture and body alignment.

Release Scalp Massage 30 minutes, R300

Unwind as tension is released from your scalp providing relief from headaches, neck and shoulder tension by using strategic pressure points and a nourishing blend of your favourite Kalahari infused oil.

Babor aroma massage 60/90min, R500/R700

Signature Kalahari massage 60/90min, R500/R700

Kalahari candle massage 60/90min, R600/R800

Nourishing stone massage 60/90min, R600/R800

Reflexology 45min, R450

Facials & Skin Treatments

Renew your complexion and defy age with Freesia facial treatments and enhancements. Babor spa facial 60min, R480

Babor specialised skincare 90min, R700

  • Vita Balance – Dry/Dehydrated skin
  • Calming Sensitive – Sensitive/Damaged skin
  • Advanced Biogen – Mature/ Stressed skin
  • Perfect Combination – Combination/Oily skin

Dr Babor skincare 90min, R750

  • Skin renewal with peeling
  • Detox vitamin treatment
  • Problematic/Acne treatment
  • Whitening cellular treatment

Dr Babor ultimate lifting facial 90min, R1250

Kalahari Soothing Facial 60 minutes, R480

Promoting a healthy glowing skin by using ingredients rich in antioxidants visibly smoothing fine lines and revives tired skin, leaving the skin feeling smooth, radiant and nourished. The unique facial treatment is suitable for all skin types. Facial Enhancements Sensational Eyes 20 minutes, R200

Brighten the eye area with anti-ageing green tea extract and a gentle, skin firming and lightening eye mask. Lash Tint 20 minutes, R60

Brow Tint 20 minutes, R60

Lash And Brow Tint 30 minutes, R100

Eyebrow Shaping 30 minutes, R60

Body Polish

In the comfort of a warm wrap, your body will reap the benefits of Oubaai’s precious healing elements.Desert Salt Crystals 30 minutes, R300

Buchu infused desert salt crystals derived from the Kalahari salt pans will detoxify the body and skin.Botanical Fibre 30 minutes, R300

Sun dried fibres from the aloe plant will ensure a natural exfoliation that will leave the skin revitalized and hydrated. Red Dune Sand 30 minutes, R300

Perfectly rounded red Kalahari dune sand grains infused with a choice of signature Kalahari fragrances will leave skin feeling perfectly polished and glowing. Babor energising peel 30min, R300

Body Wraps

Kalahari Clay Renewal 75 minutes, R450 Botanical clay from the Kalahari will rejuvenate and replenish the body’s minerals leaving the skin feeling luxuriously soft and supple. Algae detox wrap75min, R450

Thermo-mineral mud pack 75min, R450